Social Skate Of Mind 3

I hate doing this, but I rather try and fail, then not try at all.
Social Skate of Mind 3 is cancelled. At least for now.
Not sure if it’s the date, the price, the speakers, or me, but I can’t make it happen.

I know there is room and a need for an event like this, as there are still many social media opportunities left untouched in the skateboard industry. My whole purpose for this event is to bring the social media managers of the various brands, retailers, and athletes in a room. To learn from each other, share ideas and issues, and skate with each other. And I know that sounds pretty hippie for my punk rock ass, but many of us deal with the same issues. And since these social media managers are a new layer in the industry, I firmly believe by working together skateboarding as a whole will benefit from an event like this. One retweet at a time. (to win in business you need a little bit more than a good social media plan)

That there is power in community is no secret for anyone. The first 2 events went really well, and I almost daily see the results of the friendships that have started at those events.

I might try and do it later this year or in spring 2017, but I have to re-think on how I roll it out if I do. Back to the drawing board.

I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.
Feel free to hit me up with any questions.

Fred van Schie
owner FvS media